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    It is my pleasure and honor to welcome the visitors to the site of Ard Al-Ganatain for pharmaceuticals and medical appliances company, which is a gateway to the company's activities in the field of medicines and medical appliances.

   The success of Ard Al-Ganatain Company is derived from its ongoing keenness on providing effective pharmaceutical products of high quality by selecting global companies of good reputations for attaining high-quality products.

Therefore, we have been particularly distinguished in terms of exerting utmost care in selecting the working team members and annexing locally gifted people who are qualified both scientifically and technically.

   We have reinforced our trust in both administrative cadres and working teams that enjoy expertise and skills that yielded their trust and respect internally and externally.

The Company has been able to retain its leading position among the medicines-importing companies in Yemen by maintaining the quality of its products and its commitment to providing the best services to its clients. Thus, the Company continued to uphold the quality standards required for the storage and distribution of medicines along with implementing modern regulations including GSP and GDP Systems.

   The eminent and distinguished record marking Ard Al-Ganatain Company has qualified this Company to attain the first position on the list of most distinguished companies in terms of importing medicines in Yemen for (8) years consecutively since the year 2009 up to this time.

   You are aware of the major deterioration from which the Yemeni economy is suffering as a result of the war which has been imposed on Yemen and which affected the performance and led to the decline in sales of many medicines-importing companies. However, we would like to affirm our obligations towards our clients and go ahead with expanding our activities and investments and improving our performance despite the difficulties we are facing and the circumstances that our country is going through.

   Your contact with us through this website either as an inquiry or evaluation is our best motivation to develop this site. Thank you very much for browsing our website. We promise that all your comments and inquiries will be of interest to us through our website or through our e-mail.
   In conclusion, I wish you all the best.

 Abdo Al-Awdi

 Chairman of Board of Directors

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