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About the Founder:

     Sheikh Abdo Ali Al - Awdi

  • Was born in 1956 in the province of Dali in the Republic of Yemen.

  •      Married and a father of 4 boys and 10 girls.

  •       The founder of the Union of importers of medicines and medical supplies in Yemen in 1997.

March of ongoing struggle and giving ….

Abdo Ali Al-Awdi was brought up and grew up within a family of limited resources and potential and within a surrounding where all elements of education were lacking. So, he had to move at an early age to the City of Aden where he benefited from the knowledge available in this city and attained all meanings of patience and where he had to cope with the difficulties of life. All this constituted a motivation for him throughout all the phases of his life towards self-search and self-dependence, and towards testing his capacities which have matured away from his family and loved ones. In view of the difficulties and hardships of life and the lack of sources for earning a living, he took the decision to immigrate and seek into the depths of the unknown as an expatriate while in his early days of youth. So, he immigrated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wherefrom he initiated a march of struggle in the medical field, which was his ambition since his childhood as there was a lack of medical services in his area and in all of Yemen.. moving from one establishment to another. This led to polishing his perceptions, expanding his knowledge, building his capacities, and reinforcing his tolerance, and he managed with the progress of time to build a capital that enabled him by the end of the seventies to think of returning to his homeland where he started investing his savings in the field that he loved and in which he found himself; it is the medical field and commercial field of the pharmaceutical sector and medical supplies.

 So, he attained what he intended to achieve in terms of utilizing the small capital which he managed to save by establishing the first national dispensary in Yemen in 1978 in Damt area (Ibb governorate, recently Al-Dhali governorate)., through this dispensary, he could provide the medical services to his sons' area and contributed in reducing their suffering, where he was introducing symbolic services that not exceed the medical staff fees; the medical inspection fees were between 10-20 Yemeni riyal, in addition, to bring medicine from Sana’a and dispense it with symbolic profits.

Travel and relocation have become the title of the life of Abdo Ali Al-Awdi who settled down in the early eighties of the past century in the capital, and carried out the first step of self-development by opening the first one of his major enterprises in the pharmaceutical field, i.e. "Al- Yemen Al-Saeed Pharmacy". Therefore, “Al-Yemen Al-Saeed Pharmacies Chain" widely spread throughout Yemen has become the symbol of ongoing struggle and giving.

 Al-Awdi's ambition did not stop at this point but went further to the extent that the founder established in 1987 "Ard Al-Ganatain Company for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances" through which he could represent most international medical companies as an authorized agent in Yemen.  Abdo AL-Awdi devoted his utmost attention and allocated all his potential to Ard Al-Ganatain. He mobilized all his energies in support of this company for which he utilized the best human capacities qualified in the pharmaceutical field, whereby he will ascend the ladder of success so that "Ard Al-Ganatain for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances” will be able to win the trust of numerous global companies manufacturing medicines. In doing so, the Company will achieve remarkable success, thereby expanding its businesses and maintaining growth hand in hand with the progressive method of management in accordance with a vision aimed at improving the public performance associated with institutional development and buildup and professional excellence based on a high commitment to professional principles and ethics. The Founder has already reinforced such principles and ethics on the part of his sons working at the Company, thereby qualifying the Company in the year 2009 to acquire (13.4%) of the volume of the pharmaceutical market in Yemen.

 In addition, the Company has gained a remarkable reputation and fame along with a noteworthy position at the economic level in Yemen. Indeed, Ard Al-Ganatain Company is ranked parallel to leading companies in the same field in Yemen, in particular, and seeks to provide coverage of all the governorates of the Republic in terms of pharmaceuticals and medical appliances according to the best internationally recognized standards. Besides, Ard Al-Ganatain Company is keen on representing major companies manufacturing drugs in the Arab Region and the States of Europe and takes the lead on the list of more than (200) similar installations. For all these considerations, our thinking has been directed towards establishing "Abdo Al-Awdi Companies Group for Trade and Investment" of which "Ard Alganatain Company" seems to be the backbone. Businesses have been expanded and sister companies have become the prevalent mainstay of the Group works. Those companies include:

  • Nashwan Pharma Company Ltd.

  • Al-Yemen Al-Saeed for Trade and Agencies Ltd.

  • Al-Yemen Al-Saeed Pharmacy Chain.

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