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  •      Ard Al-Ganatain is one of the leading healthcare distributors in Yemen that specializes in the sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, and other medical supplies. It was founded in 1987 in Yemen by Mr. Abdo Ali Al-Awdi, the owner and chairman of the company.

  •   Ard Al-Ganatain now represents about 30 pharmaceutical and medical companies.Business expands and continues to grow and evolve with the style of administration in accordance with the vision aimed to improve the overall performance  associated with the development of institutional building and professional excellence based on a higher commitment to the principles and ethics of the profession.

  •      This enabled the company since 2009 to occupied the first position among the  pharmaceutical importer companies. Ard Al-Ganatain represents 13.4 % of the market share of the pharmaceutical market in Yemen which exceeds 157 importers. The company acquired the reputation and prestige that ranked it as one of the best companies in Yemen.

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  • Headquarter Office, Sana'a:


  • Amman, Jordan Office:

    • Phone :  +962 65537742

    •                +962 65537744

    • Email: jod@ganatain.net

  • Dubai Office:

    • Phone :  +971 567275197

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